Who we are

Starbox, is a furniture factory, located in Arapongas, north of Paraná, one of the biggest furniture centers in Brazil. In constant improvement and qualification, is ready to meet the diverse demands of the market. With product differentiation, special, using practical and high quality finishes, as well as fast delivery, the company has increasingly conquered its space. All these factors contribute to the consolidation of the brand in the market, which also increases every day. The finish of the furniture is a key point for the company's products. There is a special care in each step of the process, from the choice and installation of handles, internal and external parts of the furniture, to the supports, which are made with certified wood of eucalyptus. The company is constantly training, improvement and evolution, so the final product may reach its ultimate goal, the satisfaction of our customers.

Our history

Our story began with a dream, it took a lot of determination, effort and work to become reality. The company that called before Artbox starts in 2006 its trajectory of achievements. In the beginning, we used to provide bases and wooden structure for box springs, serving large companies in the furniture sector from all regions of Brazil. Over the years, the company was qualifying, improving and evolving every day. The market grew and the Artbox accompanied, always attentive to trends and innovations demanded by customers and consumers. It was thus that, with an eye on the needs of the market, we found the right time to enter in a new segment. In 2012, Artbox starts to produce final products. Box spring, nightstand, box, chest, pouf and many others. A huge step for the company that has become more solid and known, gaining acceptance and market confidence. However, every story, every way to go, is marked with important decisions. In 2014 after conducting a strong planning and a thorough analysis of market, we came to the conclusion that communication tools and advertising were needed to be inserted to add value to the brand. The name of the company needed an update, and the company was renamed Starbox. A difficult but necessary choice in order to be able and prepared to meet Brazil’s and world’s market needs.


Company Foundation - Artbox started its activities by providing wood structure for furniture companies throughout Brazil.


Production of final products - The company begins to produce final products to the market. Box spring, nightstand, chest box, chest puff and others. Artbox furniture is born.


Planning the business - strategy and market analysis made by the company. They come to a conclusion, update the company’s name.


A new phase - the company changes its name to Starbox furniture.

The Starbox is built on four pillars: quality, practicality, finish and comfort. The result of all this is a tough team, improved every day with dedication, study and work.